Lindsey Lohan’s appearence dishelveled

Radar Online is reporting that Lindsey Lohan was seen on the red carpet with darkened teeth and nail polish on her hands, as well as a puffy face.

Lindsey has been caught, according to sources, partying again and since she is going to appear before the judge in Los Angeles in the upcoming weeks it is a point of interest.

As a City of Mom’s writer. I can only say, based on this picture, that Lindsey needs major help. Rehab doesn’t look like it is doing the trick. We need to put her in our prayers so she doesn’t have the same fate as Amy Winehouse. For more information:



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  1. Rehab works fine, she’s just never gone to rehab. All the BS they’ve thrown at her is what isn’t helping. Put her into rehab in TN where there is nothing else for her to do. Force her to stay there and you’ll see results. Make probation stick with punishment for offenses. The way they treat her she could snort coke in front of a judge and just get a warning.

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