4 Christmas Gift Exchange Games

If you have ever been in a gift exchange game, you know just how fun they can be. Part of the fun of getting a present is not knowing what is inside. When you play gift exchange games you are often given the opportunity to open multiple boxes!

Gift Exchange Games

Before you prepare for a game, be sure to set a limit on how much is spent. The cheaper the amount the more fun the game often is because people have to be creative. Here are a few of our favorite gift exchange games that can be played both at the office or at home.

  1. Gifts are placed on a table in front of the group. Have everyone draw a number out of a hat. Call out number one. That person goes to the table, chooses a gift and opens it and brings it back to their seat. The second person can either take that gift, making the “first” person go up to get another gift, or they can go to the table for a new one. After opening that gift they go back to their seat. Continue in this manner, but make a rule that a gift can only be stolen three times.
  2. Have someone be a designated reader of “Twas the Night Before Christmas.” Everyone sits in a circle and holds a wrapped gift. As the story continues, each person passes their gift to the left when the word “and” is said. You keep the present you have in the end. If the book reader is playing, simply place the gift on his or her lap or feet.
  3. Put a number on each package and write the same numbers on slips of paper. Put the slips of paper in a hat. Each person draws a number, selects a present and opens it in front of everyone.
  4. Secret Santa is always fun to play. Everyone draws a name out of a hat a few weeks before Christmas. Purchase a present for that person to open when the group is together, but don’t tell who bought it!

During last year’s gift exchange game, the most popular items were the M&M dispensers, gift cards and boxes of Godiva chocolate. What have you seen as popular gift exchange items?

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